Leather Wax Conditioner
Leather Wax Conditioner
Leather Wax Conditioner

Leather Wax Conditioner

VAT included

Leather Wax Conditioner, ideal for all items made with leather.

As it is not oily it is ideal for items that you wear with clothes or in contact with your skin (for example belts or watch bracelets).



  1. Clean your item with a very soft brush to remove dirt and other solid particles;
  2. Dampen an area of a microfiber cloth with water mixed with a mild soap.  Clean your leather item thoroughly without weting it;
  3. Let it air dry (without being exposed to sunlight);
  4. Apply this conditioner with a microfiber cloth across all of the surface area of your leather item;
  5. Let it absorb for a few minutes;
  6. Wipe of the excess of product with a clean section of your microfiber cloth.

Ingredients: cera, vaselina, óleos minerais, aroma.

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